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Would this pack happen to include the Solar System planets (such as the Sun, Saturn, etc.)? If not, I'd like to kindly suggest considering the addition of these celestial bodies to this asset pack. I'm currently trying to decide between your pack and another creator's pack that includes those planets, and I'm genuinely impressed with the quality of your work. Adding the Solar System planets would make your pack truly outstanding and undoubtedly sway my decision in favor of your offering. Thank you!

Hello, currently there is no Sun. There is a gas giant but without rings. I will try to add them when I get some time but it mihght not be very soon as they are quite time consuming to make.

They look great. I had to go through each planet folder and name the pictures with filenames before 10 like 01.png, 02.png, 03.png, etc. to get them to properly convert to spritesheet's with the tools I found online. That was a bit annoying, but other than that I'm enjoying the little planets!

I am glad you are enjoying them, do share when you make something with them!


i have no money so can at least this or +240 planet pack full be free?


There are free versions.


but there is so few


Lookout for when they are on sale :)

Hi, I love these graphics! Do the animations do a full revolution? It looks like there's a jump where they go back to the first frame, but I can't tell if that's just the gifs. Thanks!

Hello, they do a full revolution! You can download the sample planet to see for yourself and also check them out in the video. The complete animations are not in the gif so people do not rip it easily.

Hey I have purchased $8.00 for the AnimatedPlanetsFull. But why I didnt get the GIF file? It only contains images files of the planets


Hello, GIFs usually have less quality than the original images and most game engines can make animations from the images. Also GIFs can be made from the images in image editing software. Still, drop me another comment if you need me to make the GIFs for you.

Does this pack include the planets in our solar system?

Some of them are close, but they were not made to replicate our solar system exactly.


Already replaced the planets from previous pack with animated ones. Thank you so much!


The OG planets pack was excellent, and these are too! Looking forward to using these.