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Can you make it free?

Seriously? Can you not spare 3 measly sheckles? There are plenty of other free resources on this site. No need to beg.


Lovely backgrounds. Everything from a great color selection, to a nice variety in visuals.


Thank you :)


how u become so good at pixel art

Practise ;)

hoe much time it take

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1000 hours.


Got this about two months ago. I love it! My game is still in development but you can see how it's used here:

I am very glad :)

very good work! <3

Hi, im new to unity I was wondering how I can use these to make it animated and with layers? Please respond as soon as possible- these assets are beautiful btw :)

You can put 2 or 3 copies next to each other on moving planes. When one plane moves outside the view teleport it at the other end after the rest of the planes. For layers just use more sets of planes at different depths.


Nice backgrounds, we used them in our game: Orbi'dashu


Hey there! Really amazing assets, thank you so much for this pack, and your planets pack! They worked amazingly for our first game: <3


Nice! Thanks for sharing :)

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Great art style. It was perfect for my game:


these are so awesome! used in this project. honestly if you had a few more background styles that would be neat! maybe 2.50$ do you do commissions? extent pack and cant wait to use it more!

Thanks! You can contact me at regarding commissions.


Nice and simple background that goes wall with the planets


Excellent quality, and pairs quite nicely with their planet pack. The price is right as well, this is a top-notch pack!

Thank you for your kind words :)