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Hey, I am using your art for a demo for a script module I made for Adventure Game Studio here:

Cool,  nice to see it in use!

Are you planning to make more boats ? That wouldbe amazing

Great job by the way

Not at the moment as interest in this asset is low I'm afraid :(


Wow, this is very great and one of a kind asset truly useful. Thanks for releasing it!

Glad you liked it!


Nice asset, easy to use and looks good. Thanks for providing this for free for the community :)

Can i use this for a commercia game or is ist copyright.

Yes, go ahead. I would appreciate it if you share the result :) 

Thanks :D , but it will take a while until the game is finished :)


Thanks this is awesome!

Enjoy! Do share if you make something cool with it :)


Very nice gonna test it out!