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I am a big fan of Norse mythology, where there are 9 very unique realms. Also I had an idea about travelling in space stuck in my head for quite a while and wanted to combined those two ideas together. And so the world of Maruned was born - where you traverse a galaxy of planets, each of which is loosely based on a Norse realm. This is similar to the way popular Marvel movies represent the realms, but in Maruned there are many instances/planets for each realm.

Bellow will follow an overview of the planet types and what to expect from them, but first lets introduce the vessel with which the traveling will be done: Skidbladnir(Sk├ş├░bla├░nir). A magical ship that always has favorable wind (and can even be folded up like a cloth!) made by the Dwarves and given to the god Freyr (who will play a role in the game). The perfect vessel to travel in space :D

A fun fact - all of the planet names you will see in the game are actually nouns in Old Norse.

The first planet type resembles our own - large oceans, continents and clouds. This is based on Midgard - the realm of the humans. As it is a fertile world it will give you food when visiting, which is needed to sustain your warriors during their travels or to make offerings to the gods for their blessings. Also, this is where you will be able to hire new Vikings to join you as long as you have enough gold and space on your ship.

The next planet type is not exactly based on any of the Norse realms - it is a planet covered in a ocean. The sea played a big role in the life of the Vikings that this only made sense. For now it will just give you a big amount of food when visiting (as the sea is bountiful), but later on you could encounter random events related to the sea - meeting Rán for example.

Next comes an icy planet that represents both Niflheim and Hel - cold dark and misty worlds. Here you will sometimes encounter Frost Giants (Jotunn) to fight with for loot and gold. In fact the Jotunns have their own realm - Jotunnheim, more of a forest and mountain land, but I had to make some adjustments for the game to fits with the space theme and have a visually distinct and not too big set of planet types.

Following is a lava planet type modeled after Muspelheim - the firey world. Naturally here you will find Fire giants to fight. Also I liked God of War's explanation that the heat is beneficial for the Dwarves who are blacksmiths so you will also find them here. The Dwarves are the merchants of the game and will offer you various items to equip your warriors, some of which will have basis in mythology. Dwarves will also be able to upgrade your ship for a price since they are the ones that made it.

Next we have a bit of a boring barren planet - it may be seen as a representation of Ginnungagap itself. It will serve as a bridge between other planets as the range of your ship is limited, and will occasionally offer a Ginnungagap-related random event.

Finally, a planet type not fully implemented yet - a forest world based on Alfheim which is naturally a home to the Elves, where you will be able to heal your party.

That wraps it up for now! Looking forward to hearing if this content about the upcoming game is spiking your interest!

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