First demo is here!

I am very excited to finally be sharing the first demo of the game with the world! And a little bit scared :D
So what can you expect form the demo?

Explore 5 different planet/world types with a ship full of Vikings. Each type offers different availabe actions to try out, including:
 - buy and sell items/equipment at the Drawven shops (located on fiery worlds)
 - wage glorious hex-based combat for gold and loot
 - hire more Vikings to join your crew
 - gather food from fertie planets to feed your Vikings during travelling and to sacrifice to the Norse gods for their blessings

A small disclaimer: This is a very early demo that shows off the main mechanics of the game and there is very little content yet, but it shoudl give a feel for the general idea of the game, its setting and its visual and musical direction.
Only a mouse is required to play. For now there is only a Windows version but if there is demand I will look into maing versions for other OS as well.

Thank you for playing and I am looking forward to your comments!

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