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12 types of detailed 48x48 pixel art planets and celestial bodies, perfect for your space game!

  • Asteroids x12
  • Barren/Moon x8
  • Desert/Martian x8
  • Forest/Jungle/Swamp x14
  • Gas Giant/Toxic x16
  • Ice/Snow x4
  • Lava x12
  • Nebulae x8
  • Ocean x8
  • Rocky x12
  • Terran/Earth-like x16
  • Tundra x8
Get the 4 planets from the screenshot for free or pay at least $4 to get all 126 to add variety to your solar systems.

This pack is regularly updated with more celestial bodies. Buy now and receive future updates for free!

Ratings & Downloads are much appreciated
You can use the art provided by this asset pack for personal and commercial use.  Credit is not required.

For a detailed parallax background that goes great with the planets, check out:

Updated 13 days ago
AuthorHelianthus Games
Tags2D, 8-Bit, Arcade, Pixel Art, planet, planets, Space, Space Sim, sprites


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Planets.zip 5 kB
PlanetsFull.zip 167 kB
if you pay $4 USD or more

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Great art style. It was perfect for my game: https://andre-lima.itch.io/ass-mangoes-from-outerspace


That's a really fun game ! :D

:D Thanks!


Really great pack! I also don't have even have a specific project either yet. Will let you know when I use it!


Great pack for really cheap, I don't even know if I will use this, but I bought it anyways because this is amazing! 

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This is a great pack. Using this in my game and the planets are a perfect match. 


Wow, this pack is really awesome. Normally you have to pick quality or quantity, but with this set of planets, you honestly get both! That, and the price is extremely reasonable for the value. The planets are a wide variety, with tons of cool details and a consistent theme.

Thank you, I put a lot of effort into it to make it as good as I can :)



Thank you for your kind words :)


I am creating a mobile game, as soon as it is ready I will send you a link on YouTube .. My game is 70% complete .. Text translated by Google 👍🏻

Great, good luck with your game!


Love it! I remade Pong in a Space Theme with this pack! Thank you so much, you are in the credits :)


Thank you for sharing :)

(1 edit) (+1)

Extremely beautiful. Would pay for such work if I can but I can't damn.

PS: What's the font used here in this page btw?


Thank you so much for this! Here's a little game I made using it: https://rivershen.itch.io/space-hook

It ain't much, but it's honest work


I love this pack so much! Thanks!

Thanks! Please do share if you have a project that is using it :)


Hey! I really like the look of the planets, can you contact me on discord? I would like to ask you something. KarMa#3935


Thank you very much for these beautiful assets! Are you allowed to use them in a commercial game?

Yes go ahead. Credits are not required but I would love it if you show me where you used them :)


I like these very good job!