+98 new sprites and Patreon

The pack received another big update, 98 new sprites were added, in 2 existing and 7 whole new categories!
Here is the full list of the additions:

  • 4x Asteroids
  • 8x Black holes (as in the image above, ster away from these!)
  • 8x Comets
  • 8x Barren/Moon
  • 16x small 16x16 moons so your planets do not feel lonely
  • 16x Suns as in the image above (64x64px)
  • 18x Planet rings (64x64px)

I have also recently launched a Patreon page! Some of the perks I offer in exchange for supporting me are:

  • Your name in the credits for my assets
  • Deciding the theme of my next assets
  • Discounts and free assets and more!

Consider taking a look and maybe supporing me! As always all coments are welcome and greatly appreciated!

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